A Single moment of understanding leads to a life with meaning

December 18, 2009



Diana Rose Nicar:

I felt a great sense of fulfillment after the activity because I really observed that the children have great hopes in their hearts to dream for Christmas that were simple yet can bring them a lot of hapiness… And in that case, I really agreed to the the statement: “A single moment of understanding floods the whole life with meaning.”

Cresinte Gumilao:

Curious eyes…Excited looks and young smiles. These were the reactions reflected in the faces of the five kids. Each differs from each other’s personality; each possesses their own reason to smile or frown- Common observable scene at the start of the activity.

As the story-telling proceeds, different reactions wee observed from the kids. All shared common understanding of the story presented. Bryan, the bubbly fourth grade boy of the UTES-I (Upper Tambler Elementary School I) joyfully commented on the story. He is then asked about the story. He is then asked on what is his opinion about the story and further asked about the moral of the story. Expectedly, he responded well and smart. On the other hand, Arve and the rest also responded but with shyness and discomfort.

At the very end of the storytelling just after the pre-evaluation, they were tasked to make their own Christmas cards. Fortunately, all did it with a freewill and enjoyment. As a result, a well made project!

In the overall view, it was a fun-filled activity. It is also a success because the objectives were followed accordingly.

Divina Moradas:

After doing all these charitable stuff, I realized that money isn’t important in touching others lives. Even though we ain’t got much money, we could still help others share our blessings and warmth in their hearts even just for two hours. Seeing their smiles and hearing them say thank you are enough for us this Christmas. And now I’ve go another good deed that I can add into my good deeds list.

John Rulen Cariño:

Tired yet happiness filled in our hearts after the activity that even I realized that  money isn’t a hindrance in giving happiness to children with big hopes because even a simple shared activity to them can make hearts of every child inspired their lives that can be treasure for a lifetime..

Ms.  Aida Nale:

Our title  speaks to ourselves that a for short moment of time, we inspired children with big dreams and hopes in their hearts that can lead their lives with meaning. Even we shared activities and bond with them in just two hours, their eyes show happiness tha what we’ve done is more than enough to bring happiness that can be treasure and carried this experience through out their lives.


The activity was designed to follow these objectives:

1)      To educate the kids on the true meaning of Christmas

2)      To help them realize that Christmas was dedicated and made especially for them.

3)       To produce an output relevant to the Christmas Celebration.


The activity was conducted last December 18, 2009 at exactly 9:00 am in the Barangay gym of Barangay Fatima City of General Santos. There were five kids included in the activity that lasts for two hours.


In line with the objectives of this activity, five kids were invited to participate. All of them are resident of Barangay Fatima. Then, the story “Jake, Santa’s Apprentice” was presented in an elaborate and comprehensive manner. At the end of the story-telling, kids understanding were tested by asking simple questions based on the story and after a while, they were given materials to make Christmas cards intended to show and express themselves through their simple messages. Lastly, their outputs were judged and the kid with the most attractive output was given his prize.


Lang-lang- A joyful lass who wanted to be a nurse someday to help ill people. She is now at the beginning of her elementary life and currently enrolled at UTES-I .Her father is a security guard. This Christmas, she wishes to have a Barbie doll.

Lang-lang enjoying herself in the swing...

Chucky- A polite boy who wanted to be an engineer and follow the footsteps of his father.. He is now on the first grade. This Christmas he wanted to receive a toy train.

The joy of childhood: Chucky in the swings...

Bryan- A fourth grade sophisticated young man. Like his father, He aimed to be a public servant.

Bryan's stolen pic...

Arve- Son of a “habal-habal” Driver.. This Christmas all he wanted is to have a simple gathering with his family. He always dream of having a complete family and a desirable father.

Arve showing off his masterpiece...

RJ- Younger brother of Arve.. Both of them is still on the first grade . This Christmas, He wishes to Santa a High school scholarship grant for him and his brother

RJ helping himself with the juice...


Time Activity
9:00-9:30 am Assembly/Preparation
9:30-10:00 am Story-telling
10:00-10:30 am Evaluation of the story presented
10:30-11:00 am Making of the output( Christmas card)
11:00- onwards Home sweet Home/Restoration


December 18, 2009


December 18, 2009

When the story telling goes on…

We are asking them questions about the story telling.

We are giving them materials needed for making Christmas cards.

They are playing…

This is our venue… Fatima’s Brgy gym compound .

They are having their snacks after the activities made.

They are making their Christmas Cards/ drawings.

They are making their Christmas Cards/ drawings.